Western Breast Clinic – FAQs

Breast Augmentation

What results can I expect from breast enlargement surgery? –
The goal of breast augmentation surgery is to enlarge your breasts to a size that is in better proportion with your physique. It is important that you are choosing breast implant surgery for the right reasons.
Your specialist surgeon is the best person to determine if your expectations are achievable and can give you a good idea of the likely size you will be after surgery. They will take your desired size into consideration when recommending the right implant for you.

How is breast augmentation performed? –
Our specialist surgeon uses safe, silicone gel implants. Our implant supplier is one of the world’s leading implant manufacturers, (Johnson & Johnson), credited with very high safety and quality standards.
Breast implants are placed behind the breast tissue either in front of or behind the pectoral muscle. A small incision is made either under the breast, around the nipple or in the armpit. Your surgeon will determine the most suitable approach for you.

Will I be hospitalised for a breast enlargement procedure with Western Breast Clinic? –
Breast augmentation at Western Breast Clinic is performed in a private day hospital in Bunbury (Bunbury Day Hospital) with a 23 hour license from the Western Australian Department of Health and accredited to ISO9001:2008 and the National  Safety and Quality Health Services Standards. You can expect to be discharged that same day. You will need to attend a post-operative consultation 3 weeks after breast enlargement surgery

Will breast implants leave scars? –
Scars are an inevitable result of any surgery. How well a person heals or scars depends on several factors. Your specialist surgeon will advise measures you can take to optimise healing.

Are there any side effects of breast augmentation/what are the potential risks and complications? –
Unwanted side effects from breast augmentation are uncommon. They include one implant becoming fixed in a slightly higher or lower position than the other, or a capsule of scar tissue forming around the implant.
Breast implants do not interfere with breastfeeding, and there is no evidence that modern breast implants cause cancer or any other disease.

When can I resume normal activities following breast implants? –
A post-operative care plan will be discussed with you before and after your procedure. A post-operative review will be scheduled with your surgeon 3 weeks after surgery.
You can expect some bruising and swelling for a few weeks after surgery. Returning to work and your normal activities is an individual matter, and your surgeon will advise you.
Most patients are back to their regular routine in 2-3 weeks, although resuming strenuous exercise will take a little longer. Depending on your type of work, you can expect to resume work 1-6 weeks after breast enlargement surgery.

How long do breast implants last? –
There is no set lifespan of breast implants, but you may have to change or remove them at some stage during your lifetime. The risk of problems or rupture is very low, however follow-up after breast implant surgery is very important. If you notice any changes in the shape or feel of your implants, it is important to get this checked by your specialist surgeon.
Our breast implant supplier is one of the world’s leading implant manufacturers, (Johnson & Johnson), credited with very high safety and quality standards.

Can I see some before and after photos? –
Yes, absolutely. As part of your initial consultation with your specialist surgeon you will be provided with an extensive gallery of before and after photography (with approval granted by previous patients) for you to view and discuss.

Our Specialist Surgeon also complies with the recent released Guidelines by the Medical Board of Australia for Medical Practitioners who perform cosmetic medical and surgical procedures. The following link is provided for you information.